Steve Christou appeals for ‘No’ vote in the Voice to Parliament


Former Mayor and current Cumberland City Councillor Steve Christou has slammed ‘Yes Vote’ politicians while urging Australians to vote No in the upcoming Voice to Parliament Referendum.

“I have observed local politicians in my area out campaigning for the Yes Vote regarding the Voice to Parliament Referendum,” Councillor Christou said in a statement on Friday, September 15.

“Whilst we are currently in a cost of living crisis… one would have thought there were more important issues for our politicians to address than a divisive Voice to Parliament Campaign.”

The statement details the huge shortage of housing availability with people forced to rent shared bedrooms for hundreds of dollars a week.

It outlines the rise in the cost of living expenses with “petrol prices now at $2.45 a litre, the highest it’s ever been, grocery prices through the roof, and electricity at an all time high, unaffordable to most Australians.”

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Cumberland Councillor Steve Christou appeals to Australians to vote note in upcoming Voice to Parliament referendum in October 2023.

“People [are] skipping meals, and struggling financially to put their kids through school,” Mr Christou added.

Huge upgrades are needed in Australia’s public schools which are overloaded with students and bursting at the seams, noted the former Mayor.

“A transport system and rail network in need of upgrades, footpaths, and roads, in need of urgent maintenance,” he argues, claiming there are important issues for politicians to focus on than a referendum which could divide the nation.

“This woke idealistic nonsense has left a bitter taste in the mouth of millions of Australians.

“Whilst people are suffering with real life issues, their elected representatives are out wasting their time campaigning in favour of a Yes Vote, [and] have failed them miserably.”

In his statement, Councillor Christou concludes Australia is a proud multicultural country full of many ethnicities living together in peace and harmony.

“To now turn around and tell the Greeks, Italians, Lebanese, Maltese, Scottish, Irish, English, Spanish, Chinese, Filipino, Macedonians, Croatians, Serbians, and many other nationalities they no longer have a Voice in the country they helped build is offensive racist and divisive,” said Councillor Christou.

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