Rezoning plan for The Cyprus Club in Stanmore not supported by Inner West Council


The Cyprus Community of NSW’s rezoning plan for The Cyprus Club at Stanmore in Sydney has not been supported in its current form by the Inner West Council.

The Cyprus Community had proposed to divide the site, which is bordered by Stanmore Road, Tupper Street and Alma Avenue in Stanmore, into four buildings (A, C, D and E), as well as construct an outdoor park space and communal open area for public use. 

Under the current proposal from developers Platino Properties, Building A at the front of the site will be retained by the Community and utilised by The Cyprus Club. For Buildings C, D and E, Platino has proposed the construction of over 55’s residential apartments.

The proposed development plans of the The Cyprus Club. Photo supplied.

However, following concerns raised in response to the public exhibition of the rezoning proposal in April 2022, the Inner West Council has said it will not support the Community’s current plan.

In a recent report, the Council cited public concerns related to traffic, built form and amenity impacts as the reasons behind their decision to not support the rezoning proposal.

The Council has requested the Department of Planning & Environment to make post-exhibition changes to the rezoning proposal and “defer the commencement of the Local Environmental Plan (LEP) to allow preparation of site specific Development Control Plan (DCP) and Planning Agreement.”

“Post-exhibition amendments… are recommended… to respond to the issues raised in submissions by local community and further mitigate the environmental and social impacts of the proposal,” the Council report added.

In response, the President of the Cyprus Community, Andrew Costa, said the Council’s decision to not support the Community’s rezoning plan was putting The Cyprus Club at risk of closure.

“The building is old, we need redevelopment. Without redevelopment, our Community will close. The bank will not allow us to continue unless we redevelop and refinance our community,” Mr Costa said during a Council meeting on December 6.

“The choice is we either proceed with the redevelopment or the banks will foreclose on us.”

The Council has recommended the Cyprus Community amend their proposal by Thursday, December 15 this year.

READ MORE: Members of the Cyprus Community NSW launch initiative calling for new elections.

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