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Prime Minister Scott Morrison sends message ahead of Orthodox Easter




Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has sent a message to Australia’s Greek Community ahead of Orthodox Easter on Sunday.

“I send my warmest wishes to all those in Australia and around the world celebrating Easter in the Orthodox tradition,” reads Mr Morrison’s message.

Full message below:

For Christians, Easter is a time to celebrate the most important words of the Christian faith –– He is Risen!

Christians everywhere can draw strength and heart from these words.

They are a message of hope –– and of victory –– even over death itself.

As Prime Minister, I am so grateful to the Orthodox Christians of Australia and the churches for the understanding, unity and confidence you displayed over this past year. It has been a time when we have heeded that ancient message to “choose life” –– to protect, value and watch out for our family, friends, neighbours, community and country, as we all faced a once in a century pandemic.

Because of these extraordinary measures, we took a great stride in overcoming a virus that brought hardship, grief and loss to so many. We continue to journey along that path and today, we have confidence in a safe and effective vaccine.

The Gospels tell us that following His resurrection, Jesus greeted his followers with the words ‘Peace be with you’ This beautiful blessing, in the face of fear and uncertainty, is shared by faiths throughout the world.

So this Easter, I say ‘Peace be with you’, as we reflect and draw strength from our Christian faith, and look forward with a renewed sense of optimism and hope for our future.

I pray with Orthodox Christians everywhere that you have a safe, happy and holy Easter.

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