Real solutions to celebrate and support multicultural communities in Victoria


A Matt Guy Liberals and Nationals Government will deliver better support for Victoria’s diverse multicultural communities under new commitments announced this week.

Victoria is a proudly multicultural state, yet ongoing growth in the number of migrants calling Victoria home has placed greater demand for multicultural services.

Since 1974, the Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria (ECCV), an independent, member- based peak body, has provided key support and advocacy of migrant and refugee communities in Victoria.

Despite its vital work, funding arrangements under the Andrews Labor Government are insufficient to keep pace with growing demand.

Therefore, a Matt Guy Liberals and Nationals Government will provide an additional $3.3 million over the next four years to the ECCV to enable it to better serve multicultural communities as well as a further one-off $100,000 should its application for charitable status be successful.

Matt Guy. Photo: The Weekly Times.

More broadly, the Liberals and Nationals will return integrity and respect to the heart of multicultural affairs in this state.

A Matt Guy Liberals and Nationals Government will:

  1. Honour all existing commitments made under the current multicultural programs.
  2. Restore the Victorian Multicultural Commission’s independence and prevent the corrupt or improper manipulation of its grants process by Labor.
  3. Establish a new “culture-specific” Museum Grants Program to support existing culture-specific museums and institutions, as well as the establishment of new ones.
  4. Increase the minimum percentage of state government department and agency advertising expenditure allocated to multicultural media and communications from 5% to 12% in its first year then down to 10% for the remainder of the parliamentary term.
  5. Move responsibility for Multicultural Chambers of Commerce from the auspices of the Victorian Multicultural Commission to the lead business department.

Leader of the Liberal Party in the Legislative Council, David Davis, said the Liberals and Nationals have real solutions to build stronger multi-cultural communities.

“Organisations such as the Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria and the Victorian Multicultural Commission do outstanding work across a number of multi-cultural communities and deserve to be supported,” Mr Davis said.

“Victoria is a proudly diverse and multicultural state with a rich heritage to celebrate. This commitment will help build stronger connections and communities across Victoria.”




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