NSW Coalition meets with multicultural media


The Shadow Minister for Multiculturalism, Mark Coure and NSW Leader of the Opposition, Mark Speakman hosted a cocktail reception at the NSW Parliament on September 20 with members of the multicultural media corps and NSW Coalition Shadow Cabinet Ministers and Members of Parliament.

“Multicultural media plays such a critical role in our communities, connecting people to their culture, identity and language whilst also keeping them informed on important messages,” Mr Coure said after the event.

mark coure multicultural media
Mark Coure MP.
Mark Speakman MP.

“The NSW Liberals and Nationals are committed to further increasing our engagement with multicultural media outlets. Engaging with multicultural media is crucial to increasing our cultural understanding of the many vibrant communities which make up our great state.

“Multicultural media provides us with on-the-ground insights into the important issues facing the state’s diverse communities. They play a crucial role in advocating for their communities to all levels of Government, giving decision makers the ability to shape our policies to effectively respond to the community’s needs.

The Greek Herald’s Publisher, Dimitra Skalkos (second from left), was present at the event.

“On behalf of the NSW Liberals and Nationals – I want to express our deepest thanks and appreciation to the many multicultural media outlets which serve our state, and say to them, my door is always open and I am committed to continuing our great work together.”

The event was well attended with seventeen Shadow Cabinet Ministers and another nine Coalition Members of Parliament present. It provided the perfect opportunity for multicultural media outlets to meet with senior members of the NSW Opposition, forming important professional relationships which will enable us to listen to the concerns our of communities more effectively.

mark coure multicultural media
The event was a first for Mark Coure MP.

Those members of the NSW Opposition who were present included:

  • The Hon. Mark Speakman SC MP – Leader of the Opposition.
  • The Hon. Dugald Saunders MP – Leader of the Nationals.
  • The Hon. Damien Tudehope MLC – Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council, Shadow Treasurer and Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations.
  • Robyn Preston MP – Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly, Shadow Minister for Mental Health and Medical Research, Shadow Minister for Veterans.
  • The Hon. Sarah Mitchell MLC – Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council, Shadow Minister for Education and Early Learning.
  • Alister Henskens SC MP – Shadow Attorney-General and Special Minister of State, Manager of Opposition Business.
  • Matt Kean MP – Shadow Minister for Health.
  • The Hon. Natasha Maclaren-Jones MLC – Shadow Minister for Families and Communities, Disability Inclusion, Homelessness and Youth.
  • Mark Coure MP – Shadow Minister for Multiculturalism.
  • The Hon. Scott Farlow MLC – Shadow Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, Housing, Cities, the Hunter and Central Coast.
  • Wendy Tuckerman MP – Shadow Minister for Local Government and Small Business.
  • Eleni Petinos MP – Shadow Minister for Finance and Sport.
  • Kevin Anderson MP – Shadow Minister for Gaming, Racing, Arts and Heritage.
  • Kellie Sloane MP – Shadow Minister for Environment.
  • Gurmesh Singh MP – Shadow Minister for Tourism, Emergency Services and the North Coast.
  • Justin Clancy MP – Shadow Minister for Skills, TAFE and Tertiary Education.
  • Tim James MP – Shadow Minister for Fair Trading, Work Health Safety and Building.
  • Matt Cross MP – Assistant Shadow Minister for Transport, Roads and Infrastructure.
  • Mark Hodges MP – Assistant Shadow Minister for Western Sydney.
  • Jordan Lane MP – Assistant Shadow Minister for Multiculturalism and Health.
  • Tanya Thompson MP – Assistant Shadow Minister for Regional Health, Trade and Seniors.
  • The Hon. Susan Carter MLC – Assistant Shadow Attorney General, Special Minister of State and Corrections.
  • The Hon. Jacqui Munro MLC – Liberal Member of the Legislative Council.
  • Tina Ayyad MP – Member for Holsworthy.
  • The Hon. Aileen MacDonald MLC – Liberal Member of the Legislative Council.
  • Dave Layzell MP – Member for Upper Hunter.

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