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Passenger traffic in Greek airports sees all time high




The Civil Aviation Authority data showed on Wednesday that Greek airports posted an all-time high in terms of passenger traffic last year, amounting to almost 65.4 million, up 5 percent from 2018.

The number of flights that landed at and took off from Greek airports rose 3.7 percent last year, to 538,956, from 519,548 in 2018. The number of domestic flights came to 213,098 and international ones to 325,858.

In December 2019 alone passenger traffic expanded 3.9 percent year-on-year to 2.51 million, but international arrivals grew 10.9 percent to almost 670,000.

Athens Airport reached a new record high of 25.57 million passengers in 2019, up 6 percent from the 24.13 million that used it in 2018.

Ioannina, Naxos and Kalamata airports saw the biggest growth last year, rising by 23 percent, 21 percent and 20 percent respectively.

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