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Former US military base on Crete set to host new casino




The government is moving ahead with the utilisation of the plot that used to host the US military base at Gournes, near Iraklio on Crete, and is now preparing to decide on the precise position of the island’s casino.

Sources say that the joint ministerial decision that the Finance Ministry is drawing up will set Gournes, in the municipality of Hersonissos, as the geographical location for the construction of the casino by the owner of the permit already issued for Crete.

This decision, which is to be completed in the next few days, will put the property back on its utilisation course set by state sell-off fund TAIPED. The previous New Democracy government had also tried to utilise the Gournes property in 2014, but without success, so it decided that it would be endowed with a casino license.

Although TAIPED aspires to create a “mini Elliniko” on Crete, it will not accept a postponement clause like the one in the Elliniko deal; therefore the concession of Gournes will start even without the issue of a permit for the casino there.

The plot on Crete covers an area of 345,000 square meters and has been split into two development zones: Zone 1 concerns a 29,100 sq.m. area to host a theme park, shopping centre and recreational facilities, while Zone 2 will cover 316,000 sq.m. dedicated to tourist and entertainment developments such as a mini-golf course, a hotel, holiday homes and the casino.

Interest had been expressed in Zone 1 in 2014 by toy and homeware retailer Jumbo and Dimand Real Estate, without any binding bids submitted, assumedly because there was no interest expressed in the second zone.

Sourced by: Ekatherimi

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