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Nicky Panagiotidis saves great-grandson from ceiling collapse in Melbourne




Nicky Panagiotidis has saved her two-year-old great-grandson from a ceiling that collapsed inside her Melbourne home.

The great-grandmother claimed she was looking after Harvey in her Ascot Vale home on Tuesday, when her ceiling suddenly gave way.

Harvey’s mother Nicole Brown told Nine News that when the 88-year-old “heard the roof crack she rolled over off the couch and sort of shielded my son under her chest.”

“I just know that motherly instinct that she has went through her to be a hero – she is actually a hero for him,” Nicole said.

Nicky Panagiotidis
Nicky Panagiotidis and her great- grandson Harvey Brown. Photo: Nine News.

Nicky instantly called her daughter, Julie Polimos, and said “the ceiling is on top of me, and we can’t move.”

Emergency services arrived quickly and found the pair with minimal injuries. Nicky walked to the ambulance and had bruising on her back and shoulders. She was discharged from the hospital on Wednesday.

Julie said her mother was a very strong woman.

“It was the unluckiest situation, with the luckiest outcome possible and we’re so grateful to my grandmother,” Julie said.

The family suspect a potential water leak may have caused the collapse after they noticed cracks and sagging a week ago.

Source: Nine News.

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