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Mykonos: Party island turned coronavirus hotspot




Parties, beach and now, coronavirus. Mykonos, one of Greece’s biggest party islands, is feared to be the new epicentre of a Greek coronavirus spike.

The island saw a slow rising spike last week after a popular beach bar, Alemagou, was shut down by Greek authorities last Thursday. It was confirmed that seven staff members tested positive for the virus, with infection fears for guests of the beach bar.

More than 80 people have been told to isolate in their residences regardless of their test results, according to local media.

Psarrou beach, Mykonos, July 2019. Photo: Peter Oglos/The Greek Herald

This COVID-19 outbreak isn’t the first for the popular beach bar, however, with the bar also closing for 60 days back in June after owners were caught disobeying safety regulations.

Rave parties and large gatherings are feared to be potential breeding grounds for the virus, with almost no social distancing taking place on the party island.

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The mayor of Mykonos, Konstantinos Koukas had requested the health teams visited the island amid mounting concern over safety violations at bars and nightclubs.

“The protection of public health is not only a duty but is the necessary precondition for maintaining the good image of the country and of the island internationally,” said Mr Koukas.

Last week the country’s Civil Protection Minister ordered increased inspections of bars and nightclubs after a party at a private villa drew more than 200 people. Police say the crackdown will intensify ahead of the peak summer season.

Locals and tourists have recently been subject to spot tests by officials from the country’s public health organisation.

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