‘It’s in our blood to fight for what’s right,’ says Randwick City Councillor, Harry Stavrinos


Since 2012, Councillor Harry Stavrinos has been serving the constituents of West Ward and the Greater Randwick community. Now, he is up for re-election at the upcoming local council elections in New South Wales on December 4.

As Cr Stavrinos hits the campaign trail, we sit down with him to discuss his political career and what his plans are if he is re-elected.

1. How did you get into politics? 

From a young age, politics has always been a focal point of discussion within our household, but I don’t consider myself to be a politician. I consider myself to be a ‘Statesman’ – someone who has been elected by the people for the people.

In 2012, I was given the opportunity to run in the West Ward as part of the Randwick City Council and through hard work and determination, I was elected.

2. Does your Greek heritage influence your work?

Ancient Greece was the foundation of democracy and being of Greek heritage, I feel that it’s in our blood to fight for what’s right and to give a voice to the “silent majority.”

Common sense is not so common anymore and people are fed up with politicians who are motivated by their own self-interests and political agendas. My passion is to serve our community because nothing gives me more pleasure than hearing the words “thank you” after fighting for a cause or delivering infrastructure for the community. 

Cr Stavrinos at a Greek Independence Day ceremony organised by Randwick City Council to commemorate the bicentenary this year.

3. What have you achieved so far as a Councillor?

Since being elected in 2012, I have delivered more than $20 million in major infrastructure projects not including footpaths, drainage, kerbs, gutters and playgrounds.

These projects include the $4.3 million Kensington Community Centre, the $2.5 million Meeks Street Plaza, the $13 million parking initiatives for Kingsford and Kensington, and the upgrading of playgrounds at Kensington Park, Kokoda Park and Fitzgerald Park. 

Other things include:

  • Fought against Councils Kingsford to Kensington(K2K) Town Centre Strategy which would see 20-storey high rises being built along Anzac Parade.
  • Fought against the Labor/Greens 20% increase to council rates.
  • Opposed inappropriate over-development.
  • Supported local business by delivering greater amenity and improving town centres through activations and markets.
  • Increased pensioner rebates.
  • Protected solar access of parks and playgrounds.
  • Introduced grass-cutting services for pensioners.
  • Introduced verge and nature strip programs to beautify our city.
  • Fought to address parking and traffic issues caused by state and federal government policies.

4. What are your plans if you are re-elected this year?

Cr Stavrinos being the emcee for the Kingsford Noodle Market event, which is held annually in Kingsford to help promote local businesses.

If I’m re-elected in December, I have devised a 9-Point plan:

1) Fight for Grassroots Local Government Issues- Politics and factions shouldn’t play any role in Council and I will continue to focus on roads, rates and rubbish. 

2) Continue to oppose High-Rise Development and inappropriate over-development.

3) Continue to deliver record spending on capital expenditure.

4) Continue to protect and fight for more green space. 

5) Ease parking pressures on our streets.

6) Conduct more community consultation with my office in Kingsford being open to everyone.

7) Continue to hold council fiscally responsible.

8) Increase pensioner rebates.

9) Introduce more waste services for families upon request.

5. What message do you have for our readers and the Greek Australian community more broadly?

There is no greater honour than to “serve your community” and to fight for what you believe in.

Politics and factions should play no role in local government and when voting on December 4th, look to support the person, not the major parties.

Greek Australians should look to support fellow Hellenes because if we remain united, we will never be defeated. 

6. Is there anything else you would like to add?





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