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Modern Greek students shine in Blakehurst High School special awards ceremony




Greek students have shined in Blakehurst High School’s annual Presentation Day assembly, with students receiving awards for their excellence in study during the year.

Achieving exceptional results across the State in Languages, in particular Modern Greek, two special awards were presented to students: The Pan-Arcadian Excellence in Modern Greek, and the Toula Loizos Memorial Award.

“These awards provide an opportunity to recognise the outstanding achievements of our students studying Modern Greek,” Roula Evangelinos, School of Languages Co-ordinator at Blakehurst Languages High School.

“The annual award winners embody the values and passion of our much loved colleague Mrs Toula Loizos. She was instrumental in establishing the long-standing relationship with the Pan-Arcadian Association,” she said.

“This year we had the pleasure of having the new president of the Pan-Arcadian Association Mr Phillip Koinis who generously donated funds for the continuous study of the Modern Greek language.

“In addition, we had the pleasure of having Mrs Loizos’ son, Mr Yianni Loizos representing his mother.

“Due to COVID regulations both men were unable to present the awards in person, however they sent a congratulatory message to our recipients,” she said.

All year 12 graduate students will receive their HSC results on 18 December.

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