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Marrickville Town Hall to be converted into live music centre for multicultural communities




The Inner West Council in Sydney voted in favour last night to convert Marrickville Town Hall into a live music and performing arts centre with the involvement of multicultural communities.

Announced by the Inner West Council Mayor, Darcy Byrne, the Council hopes that this beautiful town hall can become for the Inner West, “what the Concourse is for Chatswood”.

“The Inner West is the birthplace of multicultural Australia, by making Marrickville Town Hall a unique multicultural hub we can make sure this is a home for migrant communities for many decades to come,” Inner West Council Mayor, Darcy Byrne, said on Facebook.

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“We’ll be conducting an Expression of Interest and inviting Inner West music venue operators and ethnic community organisations to put together a business plan that will make Marrickville Town Hall one of Sydney’s great cultural assets.”

This additional step towards a more multicultural precinct will hopefully allow Greeks across Sydney to enjoy live Greek music and entertainment in the converted building.

The announcement to rename Marrickville and Dulwich Hill as a Greek precinct was made a few months ago by the Inner City Council. Greeks across Sydney had the opportunity to provide a new name to what many refer to as “Little Athens”.

The Council’s decision to change the name of the precinct was done to honour the incredible contribution of Greek Australians to the Inner West.

“This is a gesture of respect to all the Greek migrants who helped establish the Inner West as the birthplace of Australia multiculturalism,” the Mayor said in April.

“In the ’60s Greek was commonly spoken on the streets and there was high demand for authentic Greek products and experiences – delis, restaurants, cake shops, clothing stores, to name a few.”

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