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Heroes of 1821 Greek Revolution decorate fence of National Garden




The portraits of 22 heroes of the 1821 Greek Revolution adorn the National Garden wall in Athens, as part of a special open-air exhibition organised by the Sylvia Ioannou Foundation, the National History Museum and the Municipality of Athens.

The exhibition, titled ‘History Has A Face,’ has been set up as part of celebrations for the bicentennial of the Greek Revolution this year.

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Portraits of 1821 heroes displayed at the National garden. Credit: Ekathimerini.

The portraits were drawn by Benjamin Mary, a Belgian diplomatic representative in Greece, between 1839 and 1844 and they are being displayed in public for the first time.

Some of the faces gazing from the National Garden wall are Theodoros Kolokotronis, Nikitaras, Lampros Kountouriotis, Ioannis Makrygiannis, Giannakis Hadjipetrou, George Finlay and Panos Notaras.

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The exhibition is titled ‘History Has A Face.’ Credit: National Historical Museum.

More historical data, as well as information about the people in the drawings, is contained in the publication “History has a face – Figures of 1821 in Otto’s Greece.”

It is a compilation of Benjamin Mary’s work, published by the Sylvia Ioannou Foundation and the Historical and Ethnological Society of Greece.

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