Greeks in South Australia named among most influential people


The Advertiser has released its annual Power 50 rankings list for South Australia’s most powerful and influential people. Amongst the list are at least six Australians of Greek heritage.

#48: Theo Maras

Theo Maras
Theo Maras. Photo: The Advertiser.

Theo Maras, the founder and Chairman of Maras Group is most known in the property market in South Australia, as well as for his involvement within the community. He is also the director of the Adelaide Central market board and is also known as the ‘king of Rundle Street’, as he is a passionate man who loves to keep his community vibrant and energised. He has won numerous honours and awards over the years.

#39: Danny and Michael Philippou

Michael and Danny Philippou.
Michael and Danny Philippou.

The South Australian twins, Danny and Michael Philippou are most known for their horror thriller film, Talk To Me, currently on Netflix, which was shot in the Adelaide suburbs. With a huge following on YouTube where they gained millions of views, they are now working on a Street Fighter adaptation.

#36: Chris Kourakis

Chris Kourakis. Photo: The Advertiser.

Chris Kourakis has been the state’s Chief Justice for the last 11 years and is responsible for guiding the state’s judicial system. He is most recently known for expressing his displeasure at the dilapidated state of court infrastructure, which he said was “impeding our ability to deliver the standard of justice the South Australian community deserves’’. 

#18: Tom Koutsantonis

Tom Koutsantonis.
Tom Koutsantonis. Photo: The Advertiser.

Tom Koutsantonis has been titled ‘the Lion of Labor’ by Premier Peter Malinauskas. The former treasurer, who holds the infrastructure, transport, energy and mining portfolios, also holds some cards in the fight to keep Santos’s headquarters in SA – the authority to approve licence transfers.

#13: Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines. Photo: The Sydney Morning Herald.

Kayla Itsines was found high up in the list of the most influential people in South Australia. With 16 million followers on Instagram, the fitness guru loves to post home workout videos and was known for her Sweat digital fitness app and also has a book coming out nex year. Her personal worth is estimated at $171 million.

Source: The Advertiser.




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