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Greek Australians celebrate ouzo inspired distillery success




Jim Koutsougeras and Eleni Lambropoulos are celebrating a year of success after securing five industry awards in 2023 for Romsey’s Macedon Distillery.

According to Midland Express, it was their largely grape-based Australian take on Greece’s favourite tipple, ouzo, that brought home the awards for Jim and Eleni, making the past year unforgettable for them both.

“We’re proud of the spirits we produce at Macedon Distillery, and it’s exciting to be recognised by a group of leading industry experts,” Jim said.

Macedon Distillery is making cocktail-ready ouzo. Photo barsandclubs.com.au.
Macedon Distillery is making cocktail-ready ouzo ‘Anison’. Photo: barsandclubs.com.au.

Jim persistently worked to create his own version of the Greek iconic spirit over the past three years, but it wasn’t until the passing of his Father in early 2022 that he decided to quit his corporate job to pursue refining the business more than ever before.

The unwavering focus on flavour is inspired by the fulfillment both Jim and Eleni have experienced while learning at the foot of their Greek fathers, who worked tirelessly to make the greatest home brews.

“It’s great to know that all our hard work has paid off”, Jim added.

Since the release of their two variants, an original and a triple-distilled limited edition, the distillery has received gold in both the 2023 Royal Australian Distilled Spirits Awards and the 2023 Tasting Australia Spirit Awards – Alternative Spirits.

Source: Midland Express

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