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Greek government rewards whistleblowers for identifying unclaimed inheritances




The Greek government has announced that public interest informants (whistleblowers) will receive a reward for revealing unclaimed inheritances to the Finance Ministry.

The Treasury will give remuneration to those who know and disclose data to the tax office for movable and immovable property relating to the public or non-heirs, which should be owned by the State. 

Deputy Finance Minister Apostolos Vessiropoulos’s announced that any person who knows any information or information about properties in the Code of Public Benefits and Property Inheritances should report it without delay to the Treasury Department of Public Works.

The ministry announced that anyone who gives information will gain 10% of the property value after its liquidation.

The remuneration will be received by whistleblowers provided at least one of the following conditions are met:

  • If five years have elapsed since the death of the donor or the heir to the State and the competent authority has not been aware of the existence of such property from another source.
  • If it is possible to reopen a lawsuit or overturn a final decision and to give (by final decision or parliament) the property to the State or through legal entities. 

Sourced by: CNN.gr

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