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Greek government reiterates firm stance on extending territorial waters in Crete




The Greek government reiterated it’s plan to extend its territorial waters in the eastern part of the Crete Island, with Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias speaking in parliament on Tuesday.

A debate on the bill delimitating maritime borders between Greece and Italy follows an agreement signed between the two countries on June 9, 2020.

The deal is an extension of a 1977 accord and paves the way for the two countries to explore for and exploit marine resources in the area.

“The prime minister commented months ago about the expansion of [Greek] territorial waters in Crete. And of course Crete includes the eastern part,” Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias said.

In this photo taken Monday, Aug. 10, 2020, Turkey’s research vessel, Oruc Reis, center, is surrounded by Turkish navy vessels as it was heading in the west of Antalya. -Copyright  AP/IHA

“This draft law has the unanimous support of the political forces of the national Parliament, so I believe that the moment has a historic aspect and I would like to thank the political parties for their cooperation.”

Dendias also claimed that Greece does not have to negotiate its territorial waters with any neighbor country.

“Neighboring countries understand our implementation of our right. Italy knew that Greece would expand its territorial waters, and this does not mean that Greece negotiated with Italy. Just like Albania has fully exercised its rights without asking Greece.”

In August, Mitsotakis said the government was planning to submit a bill to double in size Greece’s territorial waters in the Ionian Sea.

In the future, Greece could also extend its territorial waters in other maritime areas, he added.

Sourced By: Katherimini/Anadolu Agency

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