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Greek government extends closure for places of worship




The Greek government have extended extended the closure of all places of worship in Greece through April 28, according to a decision released on Thursday.

While the measures concern all faiths, the initial opening date was set to occur one day after Greek Orthodox Easter, on April 20. The ministries of Religion and Health extended the closure to prevent the rapid spread of the coronavirus among congregations of all religions.

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It is understood that the extension was made to cover important dates of other religions, particularly Ramadan, which typically draws in crowds of hundreds. The extension will also prevent the public gathering of important Greek Orthodox services, including the feast day of Saint George on April 23.

The extent of the Greek peoples’ application of social distancing this Easter weekend is set to determine if the lockdown measures will be extended beyond April 28.

Once approved, a plan for the gradual lifting of the lockdown in Greece is to be announced on April 27, government spokesman Stelios Petsas said on Thursday.

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