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Greek Australian filmmakers to launch new series about Greeks of Magna Graecia




Greece’s Independence Day reminds us that millions of Greeks have been living abroad for the past 3,000 years.

This has prompted filmmakers Billy Cotsis and Basil Genimahaliotis to seek out these Greek community pockets and document how they remain in touch with their Greek heritage.

The Pallaconian Brotherhood announced that they will be joined by Billy Cotsis and Basil Genimahaliotis on the March 26 at 7PM to discuss their careers in international documentary filmmaking, with a particular focus on their work related to the Greek people (Greko/Griko) of Southern Italy (Magna Graecia).

Cotsis has visited almost 60 countries to see the Greek communities, 80 Greek islands, written over 350 articles, five books, and has (since 2012) created 18 short film and documentary projects, as well as managing his own blog https://herculean.wordpress.com/.

“The Pallaconian Youth have a passion for supporting the stories, ideas and people that help make Hellenism thrive around the world, and we see a great story in the work of Billy and Basil that needs to be told,” Miltiadis Paikopoulos, president of Pallaconian Youth said.

“Their work, promoting the vivid culture and history of the Greeks of Southern Italy (Magna Graecia) is a part of the living fabric of Hellenism that our ancestors fought so hard to preserve in 1821.

“The freedom to be Greek, and to spread Hellenism, is a gift that we must nourish and grow; I certainly feel that these two have helped grow Hellenism, and am proud to support them and their future projects, and I hope all who listen to our interview on the 26th feel the same way”.

The Palloconian Youth will chat with the filmmakers and play some samples of their recent work via zoom and Facebook. The public will be welcome to ask additional questions.

This is a prelude to an onsite presentation of Magna Graecia: the Greko of Calabria in Melbourne in September by the Palloconian Brotherhood.

As Australians reflect on what it means to be a Greek and the importance of 25 March, Mr Paikopoulos goes on to say:

“Although not discussed as widely or often as I’d like, the contributions of the Laconians and the region of Laconia were instrumental to the declaration of Greek Independence, and our successful liberation from the Ottoman Turks.”

“From 1453 – 1821, the Laconians had been involved in almost every major attempt at rebellion or independence and epanastasi was declared at Areopolis by the Laconians on the 17th of March 1821, over a week in advance of the 25th of March.

“Hopefully through the lectures, interviews and events that our association has organised, the Laconian efforts for Greek freedom will be made accessible to a broader range of people.”

Zoom link here: https://bit.ly/3tX9fTZ

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