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Serres man, 25, becomes youngest victim of COVID-19 in Greece




A 25-year-old man, Thodoris Pavlidis, from Seres, a city in northern Greece, passed away after suffering with COVID-19 on Monday.

His tragic death makes him the youngest person to die from the virus in Greece since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Pavlidis also suffered from pre-existing health conditions and he had recently undergone open heart surgery.

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He was originally treated in the General Hospital of Serres, but was later transferred to Papanikolaou General Hospital in Thessaloniki, where he was intubated.

This tragic development reflects a disturbing shift in COVID-19 figures in Greece, as doctors claim that more young people with the virus are being admitted to hospitals and even dying from it.

Greece has seen daily COVID-19 deaths spiral to above 100 over the weekend, with 108 people dying on Saturday and another 103 on Sunday. On Monday, 84 people died and 1,388 new confirmed infections were recorded.

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