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Lonely Greek parents in lockdown share Christmas table with portraits of their children




Dimitris and Tassoula Kletsas weren’t able to spend Christmas with their children this year because of the nationwide lockdown in Greece. But that didn’t stop them from getting creative to spread some Christmas cheer.

The Greek couple, from Larissa in central Greece, decided to make the best of a bad situation by creating life-size portraits of their children to accompany them at the family Christmas table this year.

Dimitris, who is an amateur painter, decided that creating a portrait of each of his sons and their wives could go at least a little way toward substituting for their physical presence during this very difficult Christmas of 2020.

Credit: Dimitris Kletsas/Facebook.

Six place settings for the portraits had been carefully laid on the table, which was appropriately decorated in red, green and white for the festive occasion.

Speaking to Proto Thema, Dimitris said he had known all along that because of the virus “no one will be able to visit us — and so I thought of my own way to feel close to them.”

His family were so impressed by the portraits that they shared them on Facebook, writing “when you are creative, you even overcome the lockdowns!”

“Well done! You proved that nothing can keep parents ‘away’ from their children! Up close next year!” his son, Evangelos, wrote on Facebook.

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