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Greece to begin charging tourists 20-euro fee for medical services




For the first time ever, tourists entering Greece will soon have to pay a surcharge of 20 euros for health services which they incur during their stay in the country.

Up until now, travelers to the country had never paid anything at all for medical care in Greece, regardless of where in the world they may have hailed from, except for hospitalisations.

But Greece’s Health Ministry has ruled that from the end of July onwards, the 20 euro fee will be imposed on all foreign travelers who present themselves at health centers, regional clinics and outpatient clinics of hospitals.

The new fees also apply to those who reside in Greece but are considered “non-permanent” residents of the country.

According to Greek media outlet healthreport, Greece’s Health Ministry hopes to collect “significant funds,” most obviously during the tourist season, when Greece sees millions of tourists come into the country.

The new ruling alters the provisions of a law passed in 2017 which allows for the collection of funds to repay hospitals only for the services they provide.

The test to determine positivity to the coronavirus is generally below 50 euros in public hospitals but this fee can vary in private institutions.

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