Georgina Eve Tsakos refused bail after six-month investigation into drug supply charges


Georgina Eve Tsakos, faced with 33 charges mostly relating to alleged drug supply, was refused bail in Goulburn Local Court on Friday.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Tsakos was part of a six-month probe by police into alleged Goulburn drug dealers. A police summary of the evidence against Tsakos ran to more than 70 pages, and Magistrate David Williams said the police summary of their case “depicted what could be described as a substantial criminal enterprise”.

Yet to enter pleas, Tsakos’s lawyer, Rodney Boyd, said: “At least with respect of some of the offences, there would seem to be a strong prosecution case.”

Georgina Eve Tsakos was once a well respected figure around Goulburn, a court has heard. Picture: NSW Police

“There’s enough material there to say that she’s looking at jail time.”

Tsakos’ lawyer says she succumbed to a gripping ice addiction about five years ago, arguing that she should be given a chance to get clean at a live-in rehab centre in Sydney.

Police opposed bail, saying Tsakos’s underworld associates might help her skip bail, that she might reoffend while out on bail and that she posed a danger to the community.

Tsakos appeared visibly agitated throughout the brief hearing, which she attended by video link from prison.

Mr Williams refused her bail, but said she might have a better chance if she can find a rehabilitation facility with a bed immediately available.

She returns to court in January




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