Former US Ambassador to Greece claims US would turn back on Greece in event of incident with Turkey


Experienced US diplomat and former US ambassador to Greece Nicholas Burns shook the water saying the US would turn its back on Greece in the event of a hot incident. At the Delphi Forum in Washington, DC, it sparked a stir in the diplomatic backdrop of Greece and the United States.

In essence, he argued that if Turkey were to beat Greece militarily, it would not receive assistance from President Donald Trump. Asked by Athanasios Ellis “if Greece can rely on the US at a critical moment in the confrontation with Turkey”, Mr Burns said:

“I’m sorry to say it, but if Greece needs US support in a hot incident with Turkey, I don’t think they will get it from President Trump.” Mr Burns added that the US Department of State and Defence would be more reliable interlocutors in case of need.

Mr Burns went on to emphasise, of course, that “I cannot imagine a hypothetical scenario of tension where Greece will be the aggressor”, clearly implying that if a war crisis arises it will be created by Turkey.

At the same convention, US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, a close associate of Donald Trump, characterised it as “China has a history of luring cash-strapped nations into biased alliances.” “Greece,” Wilbur Ross added, “should be careful not to fall into the trap and move away from the alliance.”

Sourced by: Greek News 24/7




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