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First boutique Greek craft beer ‘Seven Seals’ landing in Australia




Capturing the contradictory despair and hope of the Seven Seals of the Apocalypse from the biblical Book of Revelation, a new, boutique, Greek craft beer ‘SEVEN SEALS’ is launching down under!

Featuring a different brew for each seal, the Apocalyptic new craft beer showcased at Sydney’s
inaugural The Finer Drop Festival, The Winx Stand, Randwick Racecourse, Sydney, 18-19 November 2023.

The captivating brand is enthralling craft beer lovers and non-beer drinkers alike, the former eager to see what the promise of each seal holds and the latter intrigued by a concept that saw the brand’s creator, Dimitri Stathoris from Ierissos, Chalkidiki, outshine his UK and German classmates to take out two first prizes at his UK Brewer’s School competition for ‘Best Beer Production’ and ‘Best Marketing Concept.’

SEVEN SEALS importer, Ruby Archis, Director, Mediterranean Gourmet, says when the team’s scouts first
discovered the brand at a national fair in Athens in early 2023, they flew right over to taste for themselves, and were hooked from the very first drop!

seven seals beer

“When you think of craft beer, particularly coming from Australia, you imagine it would be inconceivable that a land that’s known for olive oil and wine production since time immemorial, would be able to produce a craft beer that can rival the great craft beers of the world,” Ruby said.

“But SEVEN SEALS, which hails from the foot of Christian Orthodoxy’s holiest site, Mt Athos, and from a land that has undergone its own countless Apocalypses with centuries-long battles between the empires of the East and West, even serving as a temporary home to Frankish Crusaders in the Middle Ages, is truly an otherworldly creation.”

And it certainly seems an ethereal force is lending a hand. Dimitri started brewing the heavenly concoctions in buckets and pots for friends and neighbours just a handful of years ago.

In 2021, SEVEN SEALS was born in a state-of-the-art microbrewery and now, two years later, Dimitri and his team are upscaling to meet European demand and preparing the Four Horseman and the cries of the martyrs for arrival into Australia!

seven seals beer

The five seals currently in production, which launched at The Finer Drop, include:

  • The first seal, The White Horseman ‘Conqueror’ – a crisp, subtle-malt, zero sugar LAGER.
  • The second seal, The Fiery Horseman ‘Fury’ – a cloudy, fruity WEISS with aromas of banana, clove
    and a spicy aftertaste.
  • The third seal, The Black Horseman ‘Famine’ – a full-bodied STOUT with aromas of chocolate, coffee,
    notes of vanilla, cocoa, and a sweet alcohol aftertaste.
  • The fourth seal, The Pale Horseman ‘Death’ – a soft, malty, DH PALE ALE with aromas of sweet
    mandarin, pineapple and mango; and
  • The fifth seal, The Chest of Souls a cloudy double dry hopped DDH NE IPA with aromas of peach,
    pineapple, passion fruit and a bitter aftertaste.

‘But where are the sixth and seventh seals?’ we hear you say. Well, the last two seals, Disturbance of the Universe, and, Preparation of the Trumpets, are in a final and meticulous development, and the new brews are being kept under wraps!

“We expect the last two seals to be released next year but it’s all a tightly held secret. We do know that the narrative isn’t ending with the beers though and we’ve been told to expect Seven ‘Spirit’ Seals, including a gin, rum and whisky. Will there be an Ouzo too? We don’t know, and that’s what makes launching this brand into Australia even more exciting,” Ruby said.

The Four Horsemen and The Chest of Souls will be on sale exclusively at The Finer Drop Festival, with the first stock expected on liquor shelves, in pubs and in restaurants in early 2024.

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