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Federal MPs express disappointment over La Trobe’s proposal to cut Greek Studies




Maria Vamvakinou and Andrew Gilles are among other Labor MP’s who expressed disappointment over the Greek Studies program at LaTrobe University ending after 38 years.

The Australian Labor Party released a statement denouncing the the univiersity’s actions, claiming it is a “direct result” of cuts by the Morrison Government to properly support universities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Facing financial pressure, La Trobe University has flagged cutting dozens of liberal arts and language subjects including Greek Studies, Hindi and Indonesian. The University has already cut jobs and they expect to cut more jobs,” the statement says.

“The Morrison Government’s failure means that institutions like La Trobe are being forced to gut their courses, cut jobs and leave students with fewer choices.”

La Trobe University is currently the only university in Victoria that offers a comprehensive program in Modern Greek Studies from complete Beginners to PhD. Students at the University have organised a petition to help save the Modern Greek Studies course from being discontinued.

“By cutting funding to the Greek language program the Morrison Government is sending a message that they don’t value the Greek language.”

“Our multicultural nation is made stronger when second and third generation Australians have the full opportunity to remain strongly connected to their language and culture.”

“Australia has one of the largest Greek diaspora communities in the world and any understanding of modern Australia must include an understanding of all the cultures that have shaped it. If this program is discontinued, students, no matter their background, will be denied that opportunity and as a society we will be poorer for it.”

“We call on La Trobe University to reconsider this decision and to continue its Greeks Studies program.”

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