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Erdogan threatens Greece again




Erdogan threatens Greece over:

  • Exclusive Economic Zones
  • Expulsion of Libyan ambassador to Greece after Libya-Turkey deal
  • His anger over Greece, Cyprus, Israel and Egypt’s energy deal

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is abandoning attempts at diplomacy, making more threats against Greece over Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) in the Eastern Mediterranean.

In an interview with Turkish TRT television he attacked Greece and Cyprus, while defendeding the Libya-Turkey MOU regarding the supposed delimitation of the two countries’ EEZs.

Erdogan described Greece’s move to expel the Libyan ambassador to Greece, in response to the MOU, as an “international scandal” and declared that Greece will pay the price of its actions internationally.

He did not elaborate.

Erdogan also expressed Ankara’s anger with the Greece, Cyprus, Israel, and Egypt energy cooperation declaring that the four countries cannot make a move without Ankara’s approval.

Believing that he has made a checkmate move with Libya. Erdogan essentially argued that the four cooperating countries cannot construct a natural gas transmission line without Turkey’s consent.

“Greece’s hands and feet have been bound and that has driven them crazy,” Erdogan declared.

“Despite the rights we have, they were threatening us but we will not back down. In this agreement Turkey availed itself of its rights under international law and ruined the game of unilateral actions. Now we can conduct joint exploration in these areas,” Erdogan declared.

Sourced via To Vima.

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