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Emmanuel Roussakis still involved at Aussie Skips despite guilty plea for cartel charges




The Australian Financial Review (AFR) has reported that the former CEO of Aussie Skips, Emmanuel Roussakis, has continued to take part in the company’s management meetings, one year after pleading guilty to a criminal cartel offence and stepping down from his position.

According to The AFR, the charges are related to allegations that in mid-2019 Aussie Skips and Bingo Industries agreed to fix prices for the supply of skip bins to Sydney’s building demolition waste industry.

At a sentence hearing on Monday, the court heard that a three-person team has taken over decision making at Aussie Skips over the past year, but Roussakis still attended meetings with the firm’s bosses and was paid for his advice.

Aussie Skips’ chief financial officer, Ana Sevo, told the court she saw Mr Roussakis “most days I’m there” and he “occasionally” attended meetings with the management group.

Aussie Skips

It was said that while Roussakis has some involvement in setting prices, he was no longer solely responsible for those decisions.

Asked about what limitations have been placed on the former CEO’s role, Ms Sevo said there was no list of things he could or could not do, but “everything needs to be done within the structures created by the company.”

She alleged that Mr Roussakis doesn’t have a title and that she doesn’t know his salary as he was being paid by ELG Transport, another company owned by his parents.

The hearing with Justice Michael Wigney continues today.

Source: The Australian Financial Review

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