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Digital platform ‘myConsulLive’ now available at Greek Consulates of Sydney and Adelaide




The Consulate General of Greece in Sydney and Adelaide are now offering the possibility to serve the public, in some cases, by video conference, thanks to the new online platform myConsulLive, in order to avoid the unnecessary inconvenience of visiting the Offices.

The ‘myConsulLive’ digital platform aims to offer the diaspora a fast and easy way to communicate with officials and apply online for documents and certificates.

Services provided through the online platform myConsulLive are:

1. Issuance of a Certificate of Permanent Residence Abroad

2. Certificate of marital status or birth
3. Certificate of residency

4. Copy or extract of a civil registry
5. Declarations of beneficiaries of pension

In order to be granted access to the application, those interested will need to enter their TAXISnet username and password codes, assuming they already have them.

To book your digital appointment you will need to input:
1. Your name, father’s and mother’s names
2. Your email address
3. Your contact phone
4. Home address (in Australia)
5. Your Greek ID number, or any (Greek or other nationality’s) passport number

You may access the platform through the link http://myconsullive.gov.gr/ where the detailed User Guide is also available.

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