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‘Cries of a Thief’ – New Hellenic Art Theatre production set to bring tears of laughter




A new comedic theatre production at the Hellenic Art Theatre entitled ‘Φωνάζει ο Κλεφτης’ (Cries of a Thief) is set to bring audiences on the ground in tears of laughter.

Written by Dimitris Psathas & Directed by Stavros Economidis, the play is a hilarious comedy with a satirical background that gives it much substance.

Psathas’ frequent use of proverbs, relate to various issues of public finances and administration. The writer’s insightful look and sharp pen presents an image of modern society without exaggeration. Situations and characters that are familiar to the audience, comic situations coexist with the current, even for today, question “why should truth be considered a luxury and not a virtue”.

“Our dedicated cast, a great bunch of actors have been working tirelessly over the last month to bring this production together for you to enjoy in record time!”

A simple man (Timoleon), who constantly gets fired from his jobs because of his honesty, stumbles upon a lost wallet. He returns the wallet to its rightful owner a retired General (Solonas).  The General, impressed by his honesty, employs him as a bookkeeper and he discovers a world of fraud and abuse of public monies. The head of this conspiracy is Andonis, the brother of the General’s wife (Lia).

A drunk Timoleon barges into the General’s bedroom in the middle of the night revealing the truth. 

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He is seen as crazy; a swindler and slanderer and is arrested. Some hilarious scenes in the bedroom and at the police station will have people rolling in your seats with laughter.

Why are the contents of the wallet so important to Lia? Why is the thief crying (shouting)?

Does truth prevail in the end?… People will have to come and watch to find out.

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Hellenic Art Theatre is a COVID Safe Business and protocols are in place to protect their audiences, cast, crew, and staff.

Seats are limited due to current restrictions so book your tickets now!

The production will be in Greek with English subtitles, with the Hellenic Art Theatre promising a night of laughs and enjoyment.

Book your ticket to the theatre production.

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