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Civil Protection issues Emergency Response Plan as caution for possible Santorini volcano activation




Greece’s civil protection agency issued a plan for addressing the consequences of a possible activation of the volcano of Santorini, state-run news agency ANA-MPA reported Thursday.

An official from the General Secretariat for Civil Protection told ANA-MPA that the 184-page plan with code name TALOS was established to provide a direct and coordinated response to involved stakeholders at central, regional and local level.

The same official said there was no indication that the specific volcano will be activated.

“TALOS” assumes that “the occurrence of volcanic activity in the Santorini volcanic complex can cause:

  • Injuries and loss of life and a sense of insecurity of the citizen”
  • Indirect financial losses from disasters on citizens’ property, in the primary sector (agriculture, livestock breeding), on various infrastructures of the country (electricity, telecommunications networks, etc.), and on the impact on tourism in general. “

Last November, the agency presented two more plans named “Dardanos” and “Iolaos” to tackle flooding and fires, respectively.

They will be followed by a strategy to manage the consequences of earthquakes (Engelados) and another that aims at the prevention of major accidents involving dangerous substances (incorporating the EU’s Seveso-III-Directive 2012/18/EU).

Engelados, Iraklitos and Talos will be presented in a press conference on February 19.

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