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Christmas nightmare: State border crackdowns in place as NSW records COVID-19 spike




States and territories have been quick to reimpose border restrictions on people travelling from New South Wales in response to the state’s growing coronavirus outbreak.

The news will come as a heavy blow to people who were hoping to cross state lines to see their families at Christmas.

Here is a brief on the current restrictions enforced by each State.


Queensland’s chief health officer, Dr Jeannette Young, said the new rules would apply to anyone who had been in the Northern Beaches region on or since Friday, December 11.

If that’s you, and you are already in Queensland, you are required to get tested for the virus and quarantine in your home or accommodation until 14 days after the date you left the Northern Beaches.

If you arrived in Queensland on a flight from Sydney after midnight (12am Friday, December 18), the same rule applies.

Finally, if you arrive in Queensland after 1am on Saturday, you’ll be required to go into hotel quarantine at your own expense.


Victoria has asked anyone who’s been in the Northern Beaches area since December 11 to “stay at home and get tested tomorrow”.

“They should stay at home until results are available and especially avoid visiting aged care facilities and hospitals. Further guidance will be issued as information becomes available,” the state’s Department of Health and Human Services said.

In addition, anyone who was in the Northern Beaches region or other NSW exposure sites on or since Friday, December 11 and arrives in Victoria after 12.01am on Friday, December 18, must get tested and quarantine in their home or accommodation for 14 days from the date they left the Northern Beaches.

South Australia

South Australia has not made any announcements yet. Currently, those who have come from NSW are urged to monitor themselves and isolate if they develop symptoms.

 NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian. Photograph: Mick Tsikas/AAP.


There are no current restrictions for travellers moving to or from the ACT, however this is being monitored closely.

Western Australia

In Western Australia, anyone arriving from New South Wales from Friday onwards will have to quarantine for two weeks.

If you travelled to WA from NSW since December 11, you must get tested and then self-isolate until you get a negative result.

“I understand these changes will cause frustration and uncertainty for some people, and be very upsetting for many families looking to reunite and spend Christmas together,” Premier Mark McGowan said.

“This has been a difficult decision to make, but we need to follow the health advice and do what is in the best interest of all Western Australians.”


Tasmania has banned anyone who’s been in the Northern Beaches area on or since December 11 from entering the state.

If you’re already there, you have been asked to call the Public Health Hotline on 1800 671 738 to advise it of your movements and book a test.

Northern Territory

The Northern Territory has declared the Northern Beaches a virus hotspot.

Chief Minister Michael Gunner has announced anyone travelling to the NT from the region must undertake 14 days of supervised quarantine in either Alice Springs or Darwin, at a cost of $2500 per person.

“If you are intending to travel to the Northern Territory from an identified COVID-19 hotspot, you are advised to rethink your plans,” the NT government said.

“Anyone who has already arrived in the Northern Territory from Northern Beaches Council LGA on or after December 11 needs to arrange for a COVID-19 test and self-quarantine while awaiting the test results.”

Sourced By: Daily Telegraph

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