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Businessman George Boulos sentenced to five years jail for trading cocaine for ‘sexual favours’




Gold Coast businessman George Boulos has been handed down a five year prison sentence after being found guilty of selling cocaine to women and prostitutes in exchange for sexual favours, a court has been told.

Initially reported by The Australian, mortgage broker George Boulos was unaware police had bugged his Southport office with cameras and microphones to reveal the lucrative trade he shared with associates over six months in 2016.

Boulos pleaded guilty to eight drug-related charges, including supplying, producing, trafficking and possessing dangerous drugs. He also pleaded guilty to possessing a weapon.

Brisbane Supreme Court was told on Wednesday how the broker’s “stupidity” caused him severe reputational and financial damage.

Mortgage broker George Boulos. Photo: News Corp

His Southport office was used as a “distribution point” to supply drugs to his clients, many of them friends or associates, and he was supplying drugs up to six times a week.

Acting Justice Anthony Rafter said he supplied the drugs 160 times to about 15 customers.

“On some occasions you sold drugs to female customers in exchange for sexual favours,” Jstice Rafter said.

“You also supplied prostitutes with cocaine in exchange for sexual favours.”

Justice Rafter sentenced Boulos to five years’ jail but ordered the term be suspended after serving 14 months behind bars.

“You had the financial means to satisfy your own cocaine addiction without resorting to selling cocaine,” he said.

“You did not need to resort to selling cocaine in order to satisfy your own habit.”

Sourced By: The Australian

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