George Polymiadis to stop production of Orchard Crush after three decades


Poly’s Fruit Juices will close this month after 31 years of producing some of the best juices from South Australia’s Riverland including the much-loved Orchard Crush.

The juice production facility is closing after owner George Polymiadis decided it was time to retire.

Mr Polymiadis told ABC that news of his retirement has had him fielding daily calls from the local community to buy up bottles of Orchard Crush.

orchard crush juice
Orchard Crush juice has been a favourite among residents in South Australia’s Riverland for 31 years. Photo: ABC Rural / Eliza Berlage.

“It’s been very busy,” he said. “Everyone is in a little bit of a shock, and they want to stock up, which is obviously nice for us.”

Mr Polymiadis said his decision to retire was driven by the loss of fruit supplied by his brother and a desire to focus his time elsewhere after his wife fell ill last year.

While Mr Polymiadis’ sons aren’t interested in taking over the business, he said he doesn’t want to wait for a buyer.

“This was my dream, and I don’t want to impose that because if you’re not happy doing it, you won’t do it for very long,” he said.

Source: ABC




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