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Website missing despite NSW Government planning border closure for weeks




Chaos and confusion is taking hold along the border of NSW and Victoria, with a crucial NSW Government website missing in action.

Yesterday, the NSW Government announced residents would require a permit to cross between NSW and Victoria under new COVID-19 border closures.

However, the website of Service NSW does not actually allow people to apply for a permit.

Source: Service NSW at 4:30pm on 7 July 2020.

While the non-existent application process might appear reasonable given the unprecedented situation, reports in today’s The Australian state the NSW Government has been planning for border closures ‘for weeks.’

Images from Albury today show massive cues outside their Service NSW office, as local residents have become desperate for information and advice.

“The NSW Government urgently needs to get on top of this situation,” Shadow Minister for Better Public Services Sophie Cotsis MP said.

“While the border closure is necessary to stop the spread of COVID-19, people who need to cross the border should be able to apply for permits easily online. Having hundreds of people crowd outside Albury’s Service NSW office is not consistent with social distancing.

“The Government cannot claim this situation is unexpected given they have apparently been planning for border closures for weeks.”

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