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Pioneer Peter Kazacos making cryptocurrency safer with quantum technology




KAZ founder Peter Kazacos is using quantum security technology to upgrade the cryptography of Bitcoin. 

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin rely on cryptography to ensure security and trust and prevent breaches. 

Kazacos says advances in technology present new risks for the cryptography of this new currency. 

“…particularly with the advent of quantum computing, which could break current implementations of cryptography,” he said. 

KAZ’s solution “uses quantum technology to upgrade the cryptography of existing protocols like Bitcoin and Ethereum,” Kazacos says.

KAZ proposes using quantum technology to protect against the threat of quantum computers.

“We are solving this [threat] by using real quantum phenomena, quantum tunneling of electrons which are totally unpredictable and entirely random to produce quantum cryptographic keys,” he said.

“If something is truly random it follows that it cannot be reverse-engineered and is theoretically impossible to breach.”

Cue the first crypto to use quantum tech: Quantum Assets Token. 

“Quantum Assets on the Binance Smart Chain are the first crypto to adopt KAZ’s quantum technology and are using it to launch Quantum Bitcoin in a bid to ensure the cryptography of Bitcoin remains safe and secure.” 

Quantum Digital Assets Limited is the corporation behind the recent launch of the Quantum Assets token on the Binance Smart Chain. 

Quantum Assets is levering KAZ’s core platform quantum technology to launch Quantum BTC and Quantum ETH each on their own Quantum Mainnets, with more protocols to follow in the future. 

“We are proud to be leveraging and deploying KAZ’s quantum technology security solution to bring the world Quantum Bitcoin,” a Quantum Assets spokesperson said. 

Source: PR Wire 

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