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Greek Cypriot coronavirus patient speaks from her hospital room: ‘Take COVID-19 more seriously’




By Argyro Vourdoumpa-Kritsantonis

South Australia’s Department of Health and Wellbeing announced on Tuesday that there are now 170 COVID-19 confirmed cases in the state, among them a Greek Cypriot woman.

Fifty-year-old Rebecca Cannizzaro Louca was tested positive on Saturday and remains in isolation at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, in Adelaide.

Cannizzaro Louca, an Adelaide resident of Cypriot background from her mother and Italian from her late father, felt unwell recently and decided to get tested in an effort to keep safe her 72-year-old mother who has advanced lung cancer.

“Never in a million years did I expect to come back with a positive result. The authorities have taken all my information and traced back steps to try and work out how I caught this. I’m probably one of the first known community spread cases,

“I haven’t travelled or been in contact with anyone from overseas recently apart from my husband’s cousins who came from Cyprus six weeks ago but they [doctors] have ruled this possibility out,” she told The Greek Herald.

However, according to a report published on Tuesday night, on the SA Health website, ‘one case involving a person in their 50s is under investigation as possibly being South Australia’s first locally acquired case. This person had recent contact with people who were unwell and had recently travelled overseas however they were not tested for COVID-19 during their illness.’

COVID-19 cases in Australia by state and source of transmission. Source: health.gov.au

“I guess, I just want you to know please be careful out there…stay home as much as you can because if I can get this, anyone can. Be kind to one another during this crisis and take this seriously.

No need to panic, just be smart. If you’re showing symptoms get tested. Sending love and light to everyone,” reads the message she posted on her social media page, in an endeavour to raise awareness and protect her loved ones and the wider community, during the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

On Tuesday, South Australia opened its second drive-through coronavirus testing station, at Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre, north of the city, while the first clinic has been operating at the Repatriation Hospital in the southern suburbs.

There have now been 17,800 people tested for the virus in SA, and the processing time has been reduced to 21 hours.

Premier Steven Marshall said that number represented the most tests per capita of anywhere in the world.

If you are seeking information on coronavirus (COVID-19) call the National Coronavirus Helpline on 1800 020 080 or visit https://www.health.gov.au

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