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Greek Australians in list with the country’s top researchers




A handful of Greek Australians have made The Australian’s 2021 research magazine’s list of the top 250 researchers this year. 

Bond University director of the Institute for Evidence-Based Healthcare and clinical epidemiologist Paul Glasziou is among them. 

Glasziou collaborated on one of the first reviews of the critical question of how many people who contracted Covid-19 were asymptomatic. 

The 2020 paper was picked up by the World Health Organisation. 

He also co-wrote a highly cited paper with colleague Iain Chalmers in 2019. 

“We calculated that about 85 percent of research goes to waste because of nonpublication, poor reporting, or avoidable serious flaws in the design of the research,” Glasziou tells the Australian.

Pharmacology and pharmacy researcher Arthur Christopoulos was recognised in the health and medical sciences category. 

Professor Christopoulos is a leading figure in pharmacology and is Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Monash University. 

“Ever since I was in high school I wanted to be a pharmacist. There is a rich history here of primary health care that always drew me to the profession,” he said in a Monash article. 

As the son of Greek migrants, Christopoulos is highly rewarded for his study of the G protein-coupled receptors, the largest class of protein targets for medicinal agents. 

“I studied hard and I found that I loved it. What I was drawn towards in particular was pharmacology; the science of how drugs work,” he said.

UNSW’s Nicole Kessissoglou was recognised in the acoustics and sound category. 

Her research interests include structural vibration and transmission, fluid-structure interaction, and active noise and vibration control. 

She is the author of several journal articles, books, and papers. 

Source: The Australian

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