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Dr Chris Profyris among 30 leading neurosurgeons defending Dr Charlie Teo




Dr Chris Profyris is among 30 leading neurosurgeons who have leapt to their colleague Charlie Teo’s defence after he was accused of operating on the wrong side of two ­patients’ brains.

Also on the list supporting Dr Teo are Dr Andre Grotenhuis, Dr Ales Aliashkevich and Dr Giovanni Broggi among many others.

In a statement seen by The Daily Telegraph, the doctors from Australia and abroad say they are “saddened” to read stories that “only serve to diminish the outstanding work Charlie has contributed to the neurological profession over many years.”

“As neurosurgical colleagues of Dr Charlie Teo, we have worked with, been taught by and consulted with him on many complex cases over the last 20 years,” the statement said.

“We believe Charlie’s commitment to teaching, research, and patient care over this period has been of the highest quality.

Dr Chris Profyris among 30 leading neurosurgeons defending Dr Charlie Teo against allegations.

“His commitment to brain tumour awareness via his charitable work has translated into much needed funds for research, world-class publications, advancement of knowledge and heightened public consciousness about this devastating condition.”

A Sydney Morning Herald story in August referred to the case of Bradbury woman ­Michelle Smith, who underwent a craniotomy in 2003 to remove a tumour after suffering debilitating seizures.

According to that story, specialists who ­reviewed MRI scans from Ms Smith’s brain surgery more than 10 years later were “horrified” when they “suspected” Dr Teo “had not only failed to ­remove her tumour, he had operated on the wrong side of her brain.”

Dr Teo, who is in Germany as part of an overseas sabbatical where he is discussing neuroscience with leading surgeons in Europe and the US, strongly denied the claims.

“For the record, I have never, ever operated on the wrong side of the brain in my entire career,” he told The Sunday Telegraph in August.

Dr Charlie Teo.

The statement in support of Dr Teo has also been signed by:

Dr Ales Aliashkevich

Dr Giovanni Broggi

Dr Marc Coughlan

Dr Robert Dodd

Dr Brian Dlouhy

Dr Michael Donnellan

Dr Peter Gardner

Dr Amit Goyal

Dr Andre Grotenhuis

Dr Nikolai Hopf

Dr Ralph Mobbs

Dr Chris Profyris

Dr Warwick Stening

Dr Michael Sughrue

Dr Tim Sui

Dr Asheesh Tandon

Dr Tseng Tsai

Dr Harish Babu

Dr Tyler Atkins

Dr Dr Jacky Yeung

Dr Scott Wait

Dr Yashar Kalani

Dr Daniel Guillaume

Dr Peter Nakaji

Dr Pankaj Gore

Dr Gert Tollesson

Dr Omar Arnaout

Dr Mohammed Elhammady

Dr Mike DeCuypere

Dr Caroline Hayhurst

Source: The Daily Telegraph.

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