AUSoM giving students the opportunity to study in the ‘cradle of modern medicine’


Aristotle University School of Medicine (AUSoM) in Thessaloniki, Greece, is home to many world-leading educators, physicians, surgeons and medical scientists.

At AUSOM, they emphasize on excellence as a habit in medical studies and achieve it through the most diverse range of medical conditions and treatments. Their University Hospital AHEPA, based on campus, is one of the country’s leading clinical centres, where students gain invaluable experience. However, there are 6 other major hospitals in and around the city where skills are honed under first class supervision.

Their graduates pursue brilliant careers and actively improve health in societies the world over. They succeed because their alma mater prioritizes interdisciplinary medical studies, hands-on experience in the most diverse clinical conditions and therapies, and an ethos of patient-centered medical practice -the very teachings of Hippokrates, at the exact birthplace of modern medicine. For their students, Asclepius, Hippokrates or Galen are not ancient history but living paradigms of ethics, practical skills and of the drive to always change medicine for the better.

The School of Medicine of Aristotle University was founded in 1942. It accounts for more than 30.000 graduates, some of them with a great impact on science and humanity. It is your turn! Open your path to a bright career in medicine with us in Greece today!

The courses are now offered in English and international students experience the thrilling Greek way of living. Additionally to their medical degree, all students receive by completion of the 3rd year a certification in modern Greek language issued by the Aristotle University.  Fees are competitive and scholarships of excellence are available supported from the State Scholarships Foundation.

For more information visit or participate actively in one of their scheduled open days.




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