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Attica Group CEO resigns after tragic death of Antonis Karyiotis




CEO Spyros Paschalis announced his resignation from the Attica Group following the drowning of Antonis Karyotis at the Piraeus port.

This comes after the recent homicide charges were filed against the ferry’s captain and three crew members in connection with the tragic demise of a passenger, 36-year-old Antonis, who met his end after being forcibly ejected from the departing vessel at the Greek port.

Antonis Karyotis was a labourer on Crete and held a ticket to board.

In a statement, Attica Group said it would carry out a “wide-ranging and in-depth” investigation with the assistance of independent external consultants and have officially accepted Mr Paschalis resignation, reported Ekathimerini.

The captain, the first mate, the deck officer and the boatswain had requested a deadline to appear before the Piraeus Prosecutor’s Office on Saturday.

Varvitsiotis revealed that the passenger had a valid ticket and had boarded the ship shortly before the incident unfolded. He inexplicably dashed off the ferry and then attempted to reboard.

A formal administrative inquiry into the actions of the Piraeus Port Authority during the incident is being conducted. Port authority sources have disclosed that an official was in the vicinity but not stationed at the boarding ramp. They also confirmed that the ramp should have been raised before the ship’s engines were activated, and the Port Authority has recorded this violation.

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Source: Ekathimerini

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