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Anthony Albanese confirms date of Voice referendum




Australian Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese has confirmed the Voice referendum will be held on October 14 this year, The Australian has reported.

A crowd of around 400 people gathered in Adelaide to hear Mr Albanese announce the date for the referendum on an Indigenous voice to parliament.

The Prime Minister said in his speech, “On that day every Australian will have a once-in-a-generation chance to bring our country together and to change it for the better.”

“To vote for recognition, listening and better results. And I ask all Australians to vote Yes,” he says.

Mr Albanese notes referendums come around much less than elections and this will be the first one this century. 

“They’re very different (to elections), because on October 14 you are not being asked to vote for a political party or for a person. You’re being asked to vote for an idea. To say Yes to an idea whose time has come,” he says.

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