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Altar site for Greek goddess Demeter unearthed in western Turkey




Archeologists in western Turkey have discovered an altar site for the Greek goddess Demeter during excavations of the ancient Roman city of Blaundus, Daily Sabah reports.

Blaundus, also known as Blaundos, was first built by Macedonians that came to Anatolia, present-day Turkey, following the military campaign of Alexander the Great. The ruins of the ancient city were later occupied by the Romans.

Birol Can, an archeology professor at Usak University, told Anadolu Agency that the altar site was discovered in the courtyard of the temple of the goddess Demeter.

An aerial view of the altar site, Blaundus, Uşak, western Turkey, Dec. 21, 2021. Photo: AA.

“It has at least two steps, measuring approximately 5 meters by 4 meters,” Professor Can said, while adding that “…the altar is a structure from the same period, the same age as the temple,”

The team also discovered cisterns dating back to the Byzantine period during their excavations.

Archaeologists plan to continue their excavation work at the Temple of Demeter next year and complete the restoration work.

Source: Daily Sabah.

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