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9 amendments to Greece’s constitution approved




The House of Representatives voted to revise the Constitution yesterday, with nine review proposals being approved.

The amendments were in relation to many pressing issues in Greece, including the presidential election procedure, voting rights for the Greek diaspora abroad, and a guaranteed annual income.

The approved amendments include the following:

1. Article 32, Paragraph 4: New Democracy’s proposed changes to the election process of the President of the Hellenic Republic, which mean that in the case of a deadlock, the need for consensus with other parties is no longer necessary. Essentially, the elected party can elect their own President without contribution from other parties.

The votes sat at 158 yes, 139 no and 0 present.

*It should be noted that there are 158 New Democracy MPs.

2. Article 54: It was also approved that Greeks living abroad will be able to vote in Greek elections if they are registered in Greece’s electoral rolls and have some kind of economic ties with Greece.

The votes sat at 212 yes, 84 no and 1 present.

3. Article 86: The law on ministerial responsibility, which upholds the rule of law to abolish special legal protection for MPs, including shorter statute of limitations.

The votes sat at 274 yes, 0 no and 23 present.

4. Article 62: An immunity limit was approved which grants immunity to MP’s under criminal or other prosecution while Parliament is in session.

The votes sat at 179 yes, 117 no and 1 present.

5. Article 68: This was in relation to the right to propose a parliamentary minority Inquiry Commission.

The votes sat at 189 yes, 84 no and 14 present.

6. Article 101a: To limit the election of members of Independent Authorities to 3/5 of the Conference of Presidents, instead of 4/5 as it is today.

The votes sat at 158 yes, 139 no and 0 present.

7. Article 73: The approval of the popular legislative initiative, which allows citizens to submit bills to be debated in Parliament.

The votes sat at 254 yes, 32 no and 11 present.

8. Article 21: concerned the constitutional guarantee of a minimum income for all Greek citizens.

The votes sat at 190 yes, 107 no and 0 present.

9. Article 96: was in regards to the special statues of the military courts.

The votes sat at 189 yes, 94 no and 14 present.

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