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New discovery reveals Greek written recipe as the oldest in Egypt




Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities recently unveiled a remarkable discovery: the oldest known written recipe, dating back to around 300 AD, found on a papyrus written in Greek. It is a recipe of red lentils.

This find highlights the profound cultural and culinary exchanges between ancient Egypt and Greece, dating back to when Greeks first settled in Egypt around the 7th century BC.

The recipe suggests the integration of Greek culinary traditions with the ancient Egyptian diet.

Egyptians included lentils in their diet since around 4000 BC while the discovery shows that it was part of the Greek diet too.

This blend of cultures is emblematic of the historical ties between the two civilizations, especially in Alexandria. Founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC, Alexandria was a beacon of Hellenistic culture, known for its legendary Pharos Lighthouse, the Great Library, and as a hub of ancient Mediterranean power.

This lentil recipe not only enriches our understanding of ancient diets but also the intricate web of cultural interactions across the Mediterranean.

The Greek influence in Egypt, particularly evident in Alexandria, showcases the enduring legacy of Hellenistic culture in shaping the region’s culinary and cultural landscape.

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