Barry Nicolaou shares 10 truth affirmations to get you out of a pandemic funk


By Barry Nicolaou.

Einstein had a quote I’ve long admired. He mentioned that “the most important decision every human being on the planet must make is whether we believe we live in a hostile of friendly universe.” It’s a wild notion to consider because most of us, actually a very high percentage would answer we live in both – hostile and friendly moments at different times of our journey.

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However what Einstein was actually postulating by that statement was that our life experiences are largely attributed to what we spend the most time thinking about. It’s pretty crazy because if you think about the time we spend entertaining worst case scenarios, being scared of a virus, not feeling worthy, being offended by others; the energy –  as it were, would be creating physical experiences that match the sentiment and vibration within those chosen Imaginative scenarios.

Science is also now providing evidence that our habitual thoughts set up expectations in the subconscious mind which we then experience in reality. It may be little wonder why we continue to have mixed experiences that stem from hostility and friendliness if we keep fertilising both camps.

There’s a few things we need to consider based on Einstein’s advice if we want to have better and happier experiences. If negative thoughts set up negative circumstances, can the opposite be also true? The answer is yes!  

So in an effort to keep our faith in a better tomorrow buoyant, I have outlined 10 of my personal truths focused on gratitude and a deep sense of living a life aligned with love in all its forms. Some of the below you may resonate with and others may seem foreign.  

Barry Nicolaou’s 10 truths affirmations for living a happy life:

  1. I fully accept myself and know I am worthy of allowing and expecting great things to come into my life
  2. Goodness is already within me and I add value to others’ lives through kindness and gratitude
  3. I trust that I am exactly where I need to be on my life journey and I’m learning new truths every day that take me forward
  4. I do not seek perfection but progress, and see my mistakes as a sign of exploration and growth
  5. The only person I compare myself with is the person I was yesterday –
  6. I have unlimited creativity and the ability to create from a meaningful space
  7. I am proud of my life and the experiences I have had to date with life
  8. I am working and dedicated to knowing where my limitations are and viewing failure, not as the enemy but as a teacher to start more intelligently
  9. I am becoming more courageous and fearless in the pursuit of my passion
  10. Through believing in better, I encourage others to do the same, not through what I say, but through my actions and beliefs.

One little tip you can begin practising is to have ‘rules of engagement’ when it comes to conversations with friends and family. One of our tips is zero Covid talk. See if you can do it and start to get deep about our passions, businesses, families, relationships and the beauty that already exists in the world that is going largely unnoticed because our attention is focused elsewhere.

I hope you enjoy the above list as much as I enjoy practising these affirmations.

Remember, you’ve got this.




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