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Cooking with Greek Food Bloggers: Yiayia Rose’s Peynirli (Boat Shaped Pides)




Boat-shaped Greek pizza or Peinirli / Peynirli is a traditional dish that was brought by the Greeks who lived by the Black Sea almost 100 years ago.

This recipe is the Greek take on the traditional italian pizza or calzone.


• 120 ml warm water,

• 120 ml lukewarm milk,

• 120 ml vegetable oil,

• 2 tbs granulated sugar,

• 7g (1 yeast sachet),

• 1 tsp salt,

• Plain Flour


• 2 slices feta cheese,

• Tasty shredded cheese,

• Sprinkle of dried oregano,

• Pepper to taste

• 1 egg yolk


  1. Add the lukewarm water, milk, yeast and sugar to a bowl, combine this, then cover with a tea towel, let sit for 15minutes.
  2. After 15 min we add in the salt, oil and plain flour. Note – add enough flour so that it will be enough for you to roll the dough without sticking.
  3. Add the ingredients above in a bowl and crumble together, this is what you will fill the pastry with.

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