Just Brew It: Why OASIS Coffee is the perfect blend for your briki


OASIS has been brewing up business in Australia since 1969, helping fuel the country’s renowned love affair with coffee. Melbourne-made with freshly roasted, blended and pulverised beans for an authentic tasting Greek style coffee, OASIS has become a household name.  

Directors and brother’s in law, Peter Patisteas and Chris Togias, have spent decades honing their craft, carefully curating and roasting the finest beans from around the globe.

One thing that’s always at the top of their agenda? Ensuring their coffee blend is perfectly pulverised and made sustainably.

“OASIS Greek style coffee is made by locally roasting and producing a signature blend of beans which is then pulverised with specialised equipment,” OASIS Director, Pete Patisteas, tells The Greek Herald.

OASIS Coffee is a Greek family favourite. Photo: Ruth Bardis / @greekfoodphotography

“Where other brands merely use the term ‘pulverised’ as a marketing claim, OASIS achieve a texture that is much finer than the grinding, creating the unique flavour profile that OASIS is renowned for.”

OASIS also runs a closed loop manufacturing system, recycling bulk coffee bags to produce animal litter and upcycling the coffee husks into pellets, which are used by sustainability partners including wineries, zoos, oyster and free-range chicken farms.

“Coffee is synonymous with community. For us sustainability means finding ways to help create economic sustainability, whilst minimising our environmental impact and maximising our social impact,” Co-Director, Chris Togias, adds.

“We’re doing what we can to reduce carbon emissions, finding ways to reuse coffee waste, and using clever minds from inside and outside the industry to tackle supply chain challenges.”

Along with these sustainability commitments, the company also has a rich history of being a proudly Australian, family-owned brand. Something which Mr Patisteas says makes it easier to produce an authentic coffee blend which reminds those who taste it of a breezy, summer day in Greece.

“OASIS coffee was created to allow Australian customers the experience of enjoying the authentic taste of a fresh, rich and smooth Mediterranean style coffee in the comfort of their own home,” Mr Patisteas says.

“We love seeing our pulverised coffee being discovered by “foodies” who enjoy the experience of brewing a coffee with a briki, and a wave of second and third generations who continue to enjoy the Greek coffee culture.”

And as the Greek Australian community only continues to grow, it’s certain that OASIS Coffee will be filling up even more people’s brikis over the years with the perfect coffee blend.

OASIS is available at Woolworths, Coles, IGA, Drakes and your favourite Greek Deli!




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