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Acropolis Museum part of the Top 10 Best Value Museums List for 2023




Athens’ Acropolis Museum has made it onto Europe’s Top 10 Best Value Museums List for 2023.

Based on a recent survey conducted and published by Knowledge Academy, the company used TripAdvisor’s list of top 20 museums in Europe and created an average rating based on the number of reviews and ratings taken from the museums page.

They also used the number of relevant Instagram hashtags, the museums admission fees, and opening hours as data, to help create a point score out of 100.  

Photo: Why Athens

According to the study, the Acropolis Museum had a total of 76,000 hashtags with the museum’s location allows for the artefacts to come to life due to their proximity to the ancient monuments.

The final results meant that the Acropolis Museum was ranked 7th with a score of 56.5 out 100 and is considered the most affordable museum in Europe.

Source: gtp

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