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10 essential foods for a Greek Grazing Table

10 essential foods for a Greek Grazing Table
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This is one of the most loved (and healthiest) traditional recipes in Greece. Dolmadakia consists of vine leaves stuffed with rice and several herbs. A drizzle of lemon and virgin olive oil skyrocket the taste! This delicious delicacy is one of the best things to eat along with your ouzo after a day at the beach.


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Tirokafteri is a spicy cheese dip usually spread on bread. It’s not a secret that the Greeks love cheese and especially the delicious local feta. That’s why you’ll often find feta in many versions, such as tirokafteri. This dip is made of feta (obviously), greek yogurt, peppers, wine, and vinegar. The best part is it’s a very simple recipe you can easily follow at home.


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Tigania is one of the most popular meat-based mezes in Greece. It’s a delicious plate consisted of chopped meat (beef chicken) cooked with several vegetables, such as bell peppers, leek, and onions and herbs. It is usually cooked in a pan with virgin olive oil and served along with fries. If you are a meat lover, you’re going to adore it!


Fava is one of the most delicious Greek spreads/dips! It is made of chickpeas, olive oil, and several herbs that give it a rich taste. Fava is one of Santorini’s local delicacies, so if you happen to visit the island, don’t miss to try the traditional fava. What’s more, it is a dish you can easily recreate on your own, as it is made of simple ingredients blended together!


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Kolokithokeftedes is basically zucchini balls with cheese and herbs. They are usually fried, but can also be roasted as a more diet-friendly option. They are tasteful and light and are often accompanied by a fresh yogurt-based dip. Zucchini and yogurt make a killer combination!


Greece is wildly popular for its hard cheeses. Depending on what island or town of the Greek mainland you might be, you’ll get the chance to taste different local cheeses. Graviera, kasseri, arseniko Naxou, and ladotiri Mytilines are some of the Greek cheeses you need to try. They are so delicious, that they can alone accompany your ouzo or wine!

Fried calamari

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Fried calamari is one of the most popular Greek mezes, especially in the summer. Especially if you’re planning on visiting a Greek island or a seaside village in the Greek mainland, don’t miss to try fried calamari. It is usually freshly caught by the local fishermen and tastes like heaven!


Olives play an important role in the Mediterranean diet! Their rich taste and high nutritional value make it not only a great snack but also an inseparable part of a Greek meze dinner. They are perfectly paired with freshly baked bread and feta cheese.


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Tomatokeftedes is yummy tomato balls, usually fried or roasted. It is one of the most iconic traditional recipes of Santorini, which is famous for its tomato production but can be found at restaurants all around the Cyclades.

Stuffed peppers

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Stuffed peppers are a must for a traditional Greek meze dinner! This dish is usually made with green peppers that get stuffed with feta cheese and herbs. The sweet taste of the peppers and the slightly sour taste of the feta cheese create an absolutely dreamy dish.

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